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Hanford is Building Confidence

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Hanford is asking questions

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Hanford is Finding Something you Love

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Hanford is making your own uniform

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Hanford is Freedom to Play

Hanford is, in the words of parents, a ‘gem’. Nestling at the foot of Hambledon Hill in Dorset, it is a place where children are free to enjoy their childhood, can begin to develop lifelong passions and interests and are prepared for life at senior school and beyond.

Tel: 01258 860219

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Visit our stand at the Independent Schools Show in London
Battersea Park, London, SW8 4NW
Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of November

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Why Hanford

Hanford girls make dens, climb trees and, in the summer, ride before breakfast. They make their own clothes and develop as free spirits. They learn resilience, confidence and a sense of adventure and they develop friendships which will last a lifetime…

“But the thing that’s especially made the school brilliantly different is the spirit in which it’s done things, with idealism, creativity and joy, wholly unselfconsciousnessly.”

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