Hanford is an all girls boarding and day independent prep school set in glorious Dorset countryside where girls are encouraged to find new interests and pursue their passions. Year on year they achieve impressive scholarship results both in the classroom and on the pitches.
Our purpose is to enable both girls and staff to live fulfilling, happy and varied lives by means of an inspiring and adventurous education.

Come and visit us!

Please get in touch to arrange a private visit or sign up for an Open Morning.

We would be delighted to arrange a private visit for you so you can see Hanford in action and get a feel for what life here would be like for your daughter.    We also hold an Open Morning each term where, as well as a tour of the school, activities and a short concert,  your daughters can visit the stables, meet future teachers and friends and perhaps have a go at climbing the first branches of our famous climbing tree.  If you would like to attend the next Open Morning on Saturday 12 October please call  Admissions on 01258 860219 or click on the ‘Book a place at Open Morning’ button.

Book a place at Open Morning


“They’ve been smiling from ear to ear ever since they joined Hanford and we credit you entirely for the confidence and happiness that seems to have followed them through their life ever since.”

“This prep school defies the odds to offer one of the most magical upbringings a little girl can dream of.  Every day brings a new adventure…”

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