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Hanford is Reading Under A Tree

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Hanford is Riding Ponies

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Hanford is Climbing Trees

Hanford is an all girls boarding and day prep school set in glorious Dorset countryside where girls are encouraged to find new interests and pursue their passions. Year on year they achieve impressive scholarship results both in the classroom and on the pitches.
Our purpose is to enable both girls and staff to live fulfilling, happy and varied lives by means of an inspiring and adventurous education.

If you would like to find out more about Hanford, or perhaps arrange a visit subject to Government guidance, please contact Karen Mallinson in Admissions.  Please click the box to find out more.

Virtual Open Morning

Why Hanford

Hanford girls make dens, climb trees and, in the summer, ride before breakfast. They make their own clothes and develop as free spirits. They learn resilience, confidence and a sense of adventure and they develop friendships which will last a lifetime…

“But the thing that’s especially made the school brilliantly different is the spirit in which it’s done things, with idealism, creativity and joy, wholly unselfconsciousnessly.”

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