A busy Autumn weekend at Hanford

Oct 02

Weekends at Hanford are always pretty busy and last weekend was no exception.   With over 50 girls staying in for the weekend, the race was on to pick all of the Hanford apples which are ready earlier this year.   Blessed with wonderful sunshine the girls climbed the apple trees, picked the apples and pressed them in an apple press which had been kindly lent to us by some parents.   Delicious apple juice was enjoyed at supper and breakfast the next day, everyone enjoying the fruits of their labour!   The remaining apples have been taken to Somerset where they will be pressed, pasteurised and bottled, ready to sell at the Hanford Christmas Fair later this term.
Hanford School A busy Autumn weekend
Together with decorating the chapel for the Harvest Festival, making Harvest Loaves with Joe our wonderful chef and a swim in the pool (yes it really was warm enough) everyone had a wonderful weekend, with some much-needed down time factored in as well.
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