Aardman Workshops at Hanford

Dec 02

Just as Nick Park, animator extraordinaire and founder of Aardman Creations, was on BBC Radio 4 on Friday 18th November talking about inspiring creativity in young minds, Jim Parkyn a senior model maker at Aardman was at Hanford running workshops with our lucky pupils.  
All year groups took part in workshops with Jim, he showed everyone how to make their very own Shaun the Sheep, with amazing results as our display cabinet now shows.  
Hanford School-Aardman Workshops at Hanford 1
At Hanford we firmly believe that creativity encourages curiosity and  builds perseverance.  It requires children to look closely at the world around them; it enables them to find solutions to difficult problems, it builds their confidence which can then be transferred to all aspects of the girls’ lives.
The workshops marked the start of Hanford’s Year of Creative and Performing Arts.  Watch this space!  On the subject of space, we wonder if one of our Shaun the Sheep is, at this moment, in Artemis 1 hurtling around space with Snoopy…..?   After all, we are nothing but current at Hanford.
 Hanford School-Aardman Workshops at Hanford 3Hanford School-Aardman Workshops at Hanford 5Hanford School-Aardman Workshops at Hanford 2
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