Classics at Hanford

We teach Latin not just out of tradition but because we believe that learning an ancient language and its culture plays an important role in the development of literacy. While neither the language nor the grammar of English derives directly from Latin, many of our grammatical rules do and it also underpins many modern European languages.  Latin because of its complex structure offers an excellent environment within which to begin to teach the foundations of critical thinking.

Hanford School-Classics

An Introduction to Latin

Latin fits into our curriculum in a flexible fashion.  We start the fastest moving group, or Year 5, in their second term.  This allows them to reach level III or scholarship work by the time of common entrance, if they have the aptitude.

We start the other children in Year 6, adopting mythology and acting myths with a relaxed approach towards basic Latin.  This allows the children to benefit from grammar and the word derivation used in English and other languages.  Our teaching is not strictly exam related but allows for individual needs and ability in each particular group.