English, Drama & Literacy

We aim to foster a life-long love of language and literature in all its forms through reading, writing, speaking, performing and listening. We strive to create a happy, purposeful literary environment where each child is nurtured and encouraged to find the stories, books and authors she loves.

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English & Literature

At the heart of our English teaching is a love of reading and the belief in the power of the written word. The shared class text, whether story, poetry, non-fiction or play, is used to stimulate their imagination; to arouse an interest in the writer’s craft and the use of language; to develop a discriminating critical faculty and to enhance the powers of communication and expression in all its forms. This shared text, whether Shakespearean or contemporary, printed or electronic, provides the opportunity to look both out towards society and the needs of a rapidly changing world, as well as in towards the development and understanding of self.

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Drama & Acting

Throughout the year girls have plenty of opportunities to act, either in their form play, The Nativity or The Summer Play on Parents Day.  Theatre trips take place on a regular basis to the local venues such as The Octagon Yeovil, Salisbury Playhouse and The Lighthouse, Poole. One of the highlights of the year must the performance by The Young Shakespeare Company in the Hall where they take the girls step by step through the play explaining the language, motivation and meaning of various scenes.

Hanford School-English, Drama & LiteracyLiteracy and the Library

The library is situated in the main house, is ‘open’ all the time and is a place where girls and staff can read for pleasure, more or less whenever they wish. Although a member of the English Department is in the library each day after lunch to help with book selections, the girls are encouraged to be independent in their use of the library, to be responsible for the signing out and returning of books and to play an active role in the purchase of new stock.

On the left-hand side of the page you will find some useful reading lists for children. These reading lists for young people have been carefully chosen by Hanford’s English department. They are useful lists for young readers including many popular titles and some more traditional works. To download a list click on the download PDF box on the page.