Modern Languages at Hanford

All girls at Hanford start to learn a modern language from Year 3.  French is the key modern language taught at Hanford and in Year 8 girls can chose to study Spanish for a year as an activity.   

The Modern Language department arranges teaching of additional languages on an individual basis.

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Hanford’s Residential Trips to France

There are two residential trips to France organised each year. We have a three day cross-curricular trip to Normandy for Year 6 girls.   This allows lots of opportunity to practice French as well as other educational activities on the mainland nearby.  In Year 8 there is a five day trip, most recently to Normandy, but Paris and Burgundy have been other destinations. This trip takes place shortly before the CE Speaking Test and is an enjoyable way of doing some final revision and preparation. It is also a special time for the girls in their final year as they get to spend time together off-site, experiencing the life and culture of France.

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