PSHE at Hanford

PSHE plays a fundamental role in the Personal, Social, Health and Moral development of every child in the school. The PSHE curriculum imparts the core values of our School community. The main aims and objectives are to teach facts, help girls understand concepts, encourage girls to develop informed opinions and attitudes, and to nurture a set of core values.

Hanford School-PSHE 1


At Hanford, we try to be like a home where questions arise at any time and parents will try to answer them in a way that their daughter will understand. Parents will also try to anticipate worries and concerns their child might have, even before they arise.

It is for these two reasons that the Hanford way of tackling this subject is natural and enlightened. Instead of having a formal lesson once a week on a pre-determined topic, the PSHE syllabus is covered in a more holistic approach, in the Biology, Current Affairs, English, Art Appreciation and Scripture lessons.

Hanford School-PSHE

Natural Development

Each girl develops at her own pace, physically and mentally; we are conscious that they are all different, and will be coming with differing knowledge, depending on their parents’ views and openness. What we are hoping to achieve is a natural, open and gradual development of our girls, preparing them for the next stage of their lives, and giving them a feeling of security and self-worth.