STEM & ICT at Hanford

The aim of our Science Technology Engineering and Maths teaching at Hanford is to encourage a wide interest in the world around us and to understand the relevance of science in everyday life. The girls build their analytical skills, develop logical problem solving, engage in intellectual curiosity and learn to use data as evidence.


All pupils have Science lessons in the labs. The youngest, Years 3 and 4, have an introduction to the subject and begin to learn their way around the lab and how to use the equipment. They also have nature lessons, where the girls learn to look at the changing environment around them.

Hanford School-STEM & ITC

The ISEB syllabus commences in Year 5 at 11+, moving onto 13+ in the second half of Year 6. Scientific topics are taught at an age appropriate level and then revisited in more detail as pupils grow through the School. The learning is enhanced by a great deal of practical work where girls can develop their laboratory skills.


Hanford School-STEM & ITC 2


The need for sound mathematical skills is considered to be an essential requirement for every girl at Hanford. Numeracy is an invaluable life skill underpinning everything from managing a bank account to running a company. We encourage girls to develop good basic skills which will enable them to move through the school with increasing confidence and a sense of achievement.

Hanford School-STEM & ITC 1

From Year 5 each year group is streamed and there is then some further setting for mathematics. This allows us to concentrate on raising the level of mathematical attainment of every pupil, but still challenge the mathematically more able and allowing them to move forward at a more rapid pace.

Extra individual lessons are offered to the more able in preparation for scholarship examinations and for those who need some reinforcement for Common Entrance.

Information Technology

The purpose of ICT at Hanford School is to enable all girls to grasp the academic potential of Information Technology.  This ranges from everyday applications such as using search engines for a geography project and Microsoft Office for a presentation to more involved graphic design software and coding to program a robot.

Hanford School-STEM & ITC 3

Through teaching ICT we equip children to participate in a rapidly-changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology. We enable them to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information. We also focus on developing the skills necessary for children to be able to use information in a discriminating, effective and enjoyable way.