The Admissions process at Hanford is very straightforward – we are non-selective and there is no entry exam. Karen Mallinson is our Head of Admissions and she welcomes all prospective parents and girls to visit the school any time during the term.

Hanford School-Admissions

Hanford open mornings are held twice a year, in the spring and autumn, and are a great opportunity for you and your daughters to meet the girls and staff and to ask lots of questions. You can tour the school, see the stables and gardens, watch gym and dance displays and hear a short, but wonderful, concert in the Chapel.  There is ample opportunity to meet the girls, staff and current parents and to ask lots of questions over copious cups of coffee and delicious Hanford flapjacks and coffee cake.  We encourage families to come to as many open mornings as they can in the run up to their daughter starting at Hanford.

Hanford School-Admissions 1

If coming to an open morning isn’t possible you are most welcome to contact Karen to arrange an individual

visit.  These usually take around two hours, starting with an intensive tour of everything Hanford with our pupils and ending with a sit down and chat with Rory and George.

Hanford School-Admissions 2

Once you have decided you would like your daughter to come to Hanford she will be offered the opportunity to come for a taster day and/or stay in the term before she is due to start.  She would join in a ‘normal’ day and by attending lessons, eating meals, playing games and getting to know her form mates and teachers, we hope your daughter will feel at home and excited becoming a Hanford girl.

Karen is always happy to answer any questions you may have about Admissions to Hanford.  Please email her at or call her on 01258 860219.