Educating Outside London

A Drinks Reception at Beaufort House, Chelsea on Wednesday 7 February 2024

Embrace and find out more about the benefits of a country school education at our annual drinks reception on Wednesday 7th February at Beaufort House, Chelsea.

Parents of prep school aged children are invited to discover the unique advantages of a country school environment, where nurturing academic growth and fostering well-rounded individuals is seamless. Our esteemed experts from six top prep and senior schools will illustrate the benefits of educating outside London.

Delve into insightful discussions on:

  • The importance of creativity in the curriculum by @hanford-school
  • Time for wellbeing by @highfield-and-brookham-schools
  • Could boarding be right for your child? by @ludgrove-school
  • Benefits of a prep school education at senior school by @downe-house-school
  • Co-ed or single sex? by @marlborough-college
  • Space for co-curricular by @radleycollege

Join us for an informative evening and discover how a country school education can unlock your child’s potential.