Fees from September 2020

Boarding fees £7,500 per term

Day Girls’ fees £6,250 per term


Riding: £260 per term

Dancing: £140 per term

Tennis: £4 per lesson (up to Year 4) £60 per term (from Year 5)

Learning a Musical Instrument

First instrument: £215 per term

Second instrument: £200 per term

Musical instrument hire: £16 per term

Learning Support

Every attempt is made to keep additional fees for Learning Support to a minimum. The school offers the first half term of support free of charge. Thereafter, depending on level of need, payment is divided into:

Level A (typically 2 small group sessions per week) – £200 per term
Level B (typically a 1:1 session + small group sessions per week) – £300 per term
Level C (typically 2 x 1:1 + small group sessions per week) – £400 per term
Full diagnostic assessment – £350

Fees are reviewed on an annual basis, usually prior to a new academic year.

Trips costing more than £50 per pupil will not be charged without prior consent.

Day girls may stay for a certain number of free nights each term (Autumn:  20 nights / Spring:  15 / Summer:  17).  Thereafter there will be an overnight charge of £35 per night.

Forces bursaries:  capped at the CEA claim + 10% of our fees.

Fees Refund Scheme

Join our Fees Refund Scheme and we will refund the fees you have already paid if your child cannot be in school because they are ill, injured or have been in contact with an infectious disease, provided your application for a refund satisfies certain conditions. To download more information about Hanford Fees Refund Scheme click here.