Day Pupils (years 3-8) – £6,500 per term

Boarding (years 3-8)o – £8,480 per term

Senior Boarding (pupils starting in Year 7 or later) – £9,450 per term

Registration fee – £100

Deposit – £500

International Pupils

Boarding (years 3-8) – £11,000 per term

Registration fee – £250

Deposit – £500 + one term’s boarding fee

We will issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) within six months before starting for a Child Student Visa once the deposit has been paid.


Please call the School Office on 01258 860219 if you require further information.



Riding  –  £300 per term

Weekly term-time pony working livery fee – £40

Weekly holiday pony full livery fee – £60

*Those pupils with ponies at school on livery will receive a 50% discount on termly riding fees.

Dancing  –  £147 per term

Tennis  –   £63 per term (from Year 5)

Learning a Musical Instrument –  £226 per term

Musical Instrument Hire  –  £16 per term



Every attempt is made to keep additional fees for Learning Support to a minimum.  The school offers the first half term of support free of charge.  Thereafter, depending on level of need, payment is divided into:

Level A (typically 2 small group sessions per week)  –  £200 per term

Level B (typically a 1:1 session + small group sessions per week)  –  £300 per term

Level C (typically 2 x 1:1 + small group sessions per week)  –  £400 per term

Full diagnostic assessment  –  £350



  1. Trips and activities costing more than £50 per pupil will not be charged without prior consent.
  2. Boarding nights are charged at £45 per night.
  3. Military families are normally eligible for a discount of 12% of boarding fees.