Our aim is to keep fees as low as possible while continuing to deliver an enlightened education with exceptional teaching. Sound financial management allows us to keep fee increases to a minimum and where possible not to increase them at all. Other than as set out below, we aim to have a single fee for boarders and a single fee for day girls, regardless of year group. We hope this approach gives our parents a level of confidence when planning and budgeting for their child’s education.


Day girls at Hanford have access to all the benefits of boarding. Every girl has her own bed in a dorm which gives her the ability to stay any night of the week even at short notice. Day girls have full access to all weekend trips, clubs and activities and receive the same level of individual pastoral support as a full boarder. In addition, the day fee includes a number of free boarding nights per term*. All of this enables our day girls to be fully integrated into every part of Hanford life and are often indistinguishable from boarders.

The Day Fee for 2021-22 is £6,250 per term.

In addition, we have introduced an optional Junior Day Fee for 2021-22 of £5,750 for those girls in years 3 and 4 (the 3rd Form) who wish to finish at 4.30pm. There are no free boarding nights included with the Junior Day Fee.

Additional boarding nights for all day girls are charged at £45 per night.


The Boarding Fee for 2021-22 is £7,850 per term.

With effect from September 2022, we will be introducing a Senior Boarding Fee for girls in Years 7 and 8. This is likely to be in the order of £8,750 per term. We are in no doubt that the earlier girls start at Hanford the greater the benefit to them of a Hanford education. Therefore, girls who join us on or before the beginning of Year 6 will continue to pay the normal Boarding Fee. Furthermore, girls who have joined in Year 7 before 1st January 2022 will also pay the normal Boarding Fee.

The Overseas Boarding Fee in 2021-22 for those coming for five terms or less is £9,000 per term.

* from September 2022 this will be one free boarding night per week.


A full list of extra costs such as riding, music, boarding nights and Learning Support can be seen by clicking here.

Fees Refund Scheme

Join our Fees Refund Scheme and we will refund the fees you have already paid if your child cannot be in school because they are ill, injured or have been in contact with an infectious disease, provided your application for a refund satisfies certain conditions. To download more information about Hanford Fees Refund Scheme click here.