Overseas Fees

Fees for Overseas Pupils from September 2019

Registration Fee: £250 (non-refundable)

Deposit: £9,000 (held on account as pre-payment towards last term’s fees)

Boarding Fees: £9,000 per term


Riding: £200 per term

Dancing: £140 per term

Tennis: £4.00 per lesson (up to Year 4) and £60 per term (from Year 5)

Learning a Musical Instrument: £215 per term (first instrument), £200 per term (second and third instruments)

Musical Instrument Hire: £16 per term

Learning Support and EAL

Every attempt is made to keep additional fees for learning support to a minimum.  The school offers the first half term of learning support (but not EAL) free of charge.  Thereafter, depending on level of need, payment is divided into:

Level A (typically 2 small group sessions per week): £200 per term

Level B (typically a 1:1 session + small group sessions per week): £300 per term

Level C (typically 2 x 1:1 + small group sessions per week): £400 per term

Full diagnostic assessment: £350


  1. Fees are usually reviewed on an annual basis, prior to a new academic year.
  2. Trips costing more than £40 per pupil will not be charged without prior consent.