Short Term Places

We can offer a very special one term for girls who are up for making the most of all the opportunities that a Hanford education can offer them. In addition it is also a chance for girls to experience full boarding life. We think that even a term at Hanford can be transformative for a girl helping to develop their character, confidence and independence.

We welcome one-termers at any time and at any age. However there are a few points in your daughter’s development where a term at Hanford is more valuable.

Spring Term 11+

Girls who will be leaving primary school in the summer are welcome to join us for the spring term before they leave in Vth Form.  A spring term at Hanford can help cement skills and build the confidence needed to make the transition to senior school seamless and secure. Hanford takes girls up to the age of 13 so our social mixing at meal and playtimes means that 11 years are learning to interact with younger teenagers.

The teaching in the spring term is focused on beginning the next step in our curriculum and is directed towards independent learning and self motivated study.

It is a shorter term and although their days will not be filled with sunshine there are still plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy our beautiful setting, grounds and facilities. They will be able to ride, play netball, join teams and take part in cross country running.

Summer Term

The summer term is one of the most special times to join Hanford. The longer daylight hours, beautiful grounds and magical setting are all at their best. While the walled garden bursts with flowers, wildlife and energy. At this time of year our girls are able to spend even more time outside which gives them the perfect opportunity to make new friends, climb trees, play games and have adventures.