All-Girls Boarding School

Hanford is an all-girls boarding school in Dorset that offers pupils an enriching academic curriculum, enjoyable range of activities and clubs, and the chance to stay children for as long as possible.

We encourage girls to grow and thrive, by offering small classes sizes of around 10-12 pupils, and using proven teaching methods to deliver an outstanding education. We strive to bring out the best in each and every one of our girls, by creating a learning environment that’s more greenhouse than hothouse.

Full-time boarding includes a wide selection of enriching activities during weekends and free time, including coding, orienteering, floristry, and music lessons. More information about the fees for full-time boarding (as well as visiting on a daily basis) can be found here.

Finding the right all-girls boarding school is crucial to the success of any student, which is why we’re here to answer any questions you might have. Book a virtual open morning, find out more about admissions, or get in touch with us today for further information.


The all-girls boarding school that prepares children for success

Hanford School Success Stories
We pride ourselves on moulding girls into confident, well-rounded individuals. With an outstanding curriculum taught by subject specialists, exciting range of clubs and activities, and a character curriculum designed to build intellectual and emotional character, we equip each child with the tools they need to succeed out in the world.

We are incredibly proud of all the girls we teach and we have plenty of success stories to share. In the past five years, our girls have received 50 scholarships and awards.

Hanford’s aims are as true today as when the school was founded in 1947 by Rev Clifford Canning and his wife Enid. It was Enid’s dream to run an all-girls boarding school, and her vision for Hanford was that it should feel like a family home. Her progressive approach – no uniforms and a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where girls could explore the grounds and truly feel at home – paved the way for Hanford’s enduring success.

Hanford’s aims are to fulfil potential, nurture talent, value individuality, encourage respect, and cherish childhood.

An outstanding curriculum

Hanford girls IT
As well as creative subjects and Humanities, we place a great deal of importance on ICT and STEM subjects. We aim to encourage a wide interest in the world around us and to help our girls to understand the relevance of science in everyday life. Students build their analytical skills, engage in intellectual curiosity, and learn to use data as evidence.

Modern languages are taught from Year 3, with French, Italian, German and Spanish on offer. Beyond simply building language skills, the girls are encouraged to learn about other cultures through their entertainment and literature. As such, the girls read books, as well as watching films and television programmes in their chosen language. They also have the opportunity to take two residential trips to France, one in Year 6 and the other in Year 8.

Hanford girls become thoughtful, open-minded and well-rounded individuals who are equipped to face the challenges of our ever-changing world.

To find out more about our all-girls boarding school, please get in touch with us to discuss potential admissions.