Ancient Greece comes to Dorset

Feb 07

The junior pupils at Hanford – an independent day and boarding school for girls in Dorset – had a wonderful day at Hooke Court activity centre in Dorset this week.   The day had a distinctively historic and educational theme throughout, in fact the girls were immersed in all-things Ancient Greek from start to finish.

On arrival the Hanford team were greeted by Simon the Ancient Greek, in full attire, and the girls were soon learning about the process of grinding cereals to make flour before making their own sweet and savoury Greek bread  which they cooked and ate.   They also made traditional Greek hummus using chickpeas, lemon, tahini, garlic and ground spice and enjoyed a delicious feast complete with sticky date sweets flavoured with cinnamon.  Yum!

Hanford School-Ancient Greece comes to Dorset 4

Then it was on learning about the cultural importance of the Greek alphabet and comparing it to our own before painting a terracotta plate, decorating it with patterns from the period and writing their name using an Ancient Greek script.

Hanford School-Ancient Greece comes to Dorset 1

The girls also learned jewellery making techniques used in ancient times and had a fascinating talk about life in Athens and Sparta, finding out about how early democracratic principles underpinned daily life.   They also learned of the antagonism between the two ancient city states and re-enacted a hoplite battle using shields to create the formation known as a ‘phalanx’.

Hanford School-Ancient Greece comes to Dorset 5

A fascinating and fun day enjoyed by all.

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