At Home to Sandroyd

Jan 27

25 January 2017

At Home to Sandroyd

The U9 and U10 played Sandroyd this afternoon.

The U10 was 11 – 3 to us with goals coming Octavia, Phoebe and Annabelle while Bea and Elly made some fantastic intercepts in defence. Supported by sound center court work from Lilly, Xanthe, Alice, Clementine and Issy. They all played a very energetic match and the result was well deserved.

This was their first match the U9 netball team has played together. They are beginng to gel as a team, with some good passing, dodging, shooting and use of space.  It was a lovely game to watch and the delicous match tea was warmly welcomed on such a cold day. The final schore was 4-1 to Hanford.

25th January 2017
Match report – by Hero B

Hanford vs Sandroyd.
Despite the poor conditions, Hanford played exceptionally well against Sandroyd. The score for the 4th form was 11-3 to us. Sandroyd played well too but thanks to our amazing games teachers, Mrs Butt, Mrs Morgan, Miss Keyser and Mrs Webster, we were a step ahead. We owe a great deal of thanks to them. We thank Sandroyd for coming and showing great sportsmanship.

We have a shout out to the team but a special thank you to Phoebe Potts, Annabelle Calder and Octavia Tennant who were amazing goal shooters.

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