Autumn Term 2021 Calendar

Date Event
08-Sep 1200 term begins  1400 new girls arrive
09-Sep 0900-1020 UVIth Still Life Workshop with Lucy Tabberer and Ann Witheridge
10-Sep 1330-1430 OPRO mouthguard fitting
11-Sep 1400 Senior House Hockey
1800 BBQ
12-Sep 1030 Chapel
 1400 Hanford Hullabaloo
15-Sep 1415 U10A Hockey v Knighton (A)
1445 U11A Hockey v Knighton (A)
16-Sep IVth Form Emily Hennessey Storyteller
18-Sep 1800 BBQ
LVIth Camping
19-Sep 1030 Chapel
UVIth Laser Tag
1400 Bramble Walk
1800 Pizza Man
22-Sep 1200 Art Barn Exhibition & Online Auction
1430 U12A Hockey v Sunninghill (A)
1515 U12B Hockey v Sunninghill (A)
24-Sep 1030 Macmillan Coffee Morning & New Parents Welcome
1100-1300 Senior Schools’ Fair
1300 First Exeat
1400 London coach departs
1700-2100 Drinks Reception for Art Barn
25-Sep Exhibition and Auction
26-Sep Exhibition and Auction
27-Sep Exhibition and Auction
First Exeat ends 1900 Boarders Return
28-Sep Exhibition and Auction
29-Sep Exhibition and Auction Ends
1400 LVIth Mill on the Brue Trip
1615 U13A&B Netball v Godolphin (A)
1615 U11/U10 Lacrosse v Godolphin (A)
02-Oct Vth Form Camping
03-Oct 1030 Chapel Harvest Festival with Junior Choir
1100 The Big Weed
04-Oct Mrs C’s Day
06-Oct 1400 UVIth Mill on The Brue
07-Oct National Poetry Day
09-Oct 1330 U13A Hockey v Clayesmore (A)
1330 U13B Hockey v Clayesmore (A)
1415 U11A Hockey v Clayesmore (A)
1415 U10A Hockey v Clayesmore (A)
1830 Escape from Hanford
10-Oct 1030 Chapel
1100 Wild Edge Archery, whole school
13-Oct 1400 Vth Form Mill on The Brue
1430 U12A Hockey v Leweston (A)
1515 U13A Hockey v Leweston (A)
15-Oct 0730-1800 Monkton Combe ‘Girls On  Track’  STEM Event Ages 8-11
16-Oct Open Day
UVIth Form Camping
17-Oct 1030 Chapel
1100 Apple Juicing Day
19-Oct Virtual Pastoral Tutor Meetings on request
20-Oct 1700-1800 Vth & LVIth Form Speaker  Griselda Heppel,  Author
21-Oct 1300 Half Term begins
1400 London coach departs
31-Oct  Half term ends
1900 Boarders return
01-Nov Vth Form English, Maths optional virtual meetings
02-Nov 1000 Vth Form Monkton Combe Choral Day parents welcome form 1530
03-Nov LVIth English, Maths Science optional virtual meetings
04-Nov 1430 U13, U12, U11 & U10 Leweston Relays (A)
1650 IIIrd / IVth Form PHSE talk
05-Nov 1700 Bonfire Night
06-Nov 1430 U13, U12, U11 & U10 Cross Country Knighton (A)
07-Nov 1030 Chapel
1300 Senior Pottery Painting
08-Nov UVIth Exams
1500 LVIth  1605 Vth Form PHSE talks
10-Nov 1130 U11 Bryanston Hockey Tournament
1530 U13C&D Hockey v Clayesmore (A)
13-Nov 1330 U13 & U12 Lacrosse v Godolphin (A)
1400 Junior Pottery Painting
14-Nov 1030 Chapel with Chapel Choir
15-Nov School Exams LVIth and Vth Forms
17-Nov 1130 U11 Bryanston Hockey Tournament
18-Nov UVIth Virtual Parents’ /Teachers’ meetings
19-Nov Well-Being day
  1300 Second Exeat begins
1400 London coach departs
22-Nov Second Exeat ends
1900 Boarders Return
24-Nov 1415 U10A&B Hockey v Leweston (A)
1500 U11A&B Hockey v Leweston (A)
25-Nov  Prep Schools Orchestral Day (Time TBC)
26-Nov 1730 ABRSM Concert
27-Nov 1200 U13A&B Hockey v Sherborne Girls (A)
1245 U12A&B Hockey v Sherborne Girls (A)
28-Nov Christmas Arts & Crafts morning
1630 Advent Fair
1830 Advent Service with local Minister
29-Nov ABRSM Exam week
Flu Vaccinations in School
01-Dec 1330 U9 Sandroyd Hockey Festival
03-Dec 1700 Nativity dress rehearsal
04-Dec 1400 House Matches
1400 Vth Form Pottery Painting
05-Dec  IIIrd / IVth Forms trip to Sherborne Christmas Market
1700 Nativity
08-Dec 1600-2030 Carol Concert at Chelsea Old Church
11-Dec 1700 Local parents’ Chapel Carol Service and Christmas Drinks
1800 Christmas Tea
12-Dec 1700 Carol Service for Parents
Term Ends