A Stable Roof

Jan 21

The stables at Hanford provide a home for ponies and staff members but for the girls, however, it is their happy place. It is a go to destination at break time and free time. It is a place to groom ponies, feed ponies, cuddle ponies, chat to ponies as well as feed chickens and pet dogs so they can spend time caring for animals which Sarah Canning felt was so important. So the roof not only shelters the building but safeguards the happiness of generations of Hanford girls.

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The stable’s roof needs urgent repairing and some replacement and restructuring in certain places. Your contribution will truly be an invaluable investment in perhaps one of the most significant buildings on the school site. Our Grade II* listed stables consist of a three-sided courtyard with two East facing projections. It was built of brick, in English bonding, on stone footings with a roof of part stone slate and clay tiles with a clock tower with dovecot positioned at the centre. Inside, beside be home to the Hanford ponies, there is also a fair amount of important staff accommodation. The stable building as it stands today was probably the result of a Victorian conversion of a pre existing 17thcentury barn. As with all¬†listed building repairs Hanford need to meet both modern standards as well as the aesthetic and other requirements as set out by Historic Buildings. The total cost of the roofing work is estimated to be in the region of ¬£200,000 and the surveyor’s advice is that the work should start imminently.

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