Carols at Chelsea

Nov 27

On Wednesday 27th of November our Chapel Choir joined in the Steps2Recovery Carol Service at Chelsea Old Church. They were part of an impressive programme of readings by Joely Richardson, Jemma Redgrave and John Sessions and performed alongside folk singer Beth Orton and internationally renowned pianist Lucy Parham.
I know I may be a touch biased, but I do feel that last night your daughters rather stole the show. This is not to detract from the other performances – or the particularly moving words of one of Steps2Recovery’s graduates – but as I sat at the back of the church I noticed that the congregation sat up a little and took extra notice when the Choir and the Folk Group were singing. Quite right too. Those of you who were there will know how wonderfully they sang. Florence’s opening solo, the Chapel Choir’s hauntingly beautiful Good Enough For Him and the Folk Group’s poignant May You Find A Light were all from the top drawer.
Thanks of course should go to Tamsin Christie and Debbie Cassell for their direction and support and to Naomi for making sure they looked presentable but congratulations should go to the girls. They were brilliant.
Rory Johnston
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