Christmas at Hanford

Dec 13

Christmas at Hanford is always a very special time.    In the past weeks the girls have been out and about spreading the festive joy – leading the carols and parade at the Blandford Yuletide Festival and singing alongside the Sherborne Girls choir in the market place in Sherborne as part of the town’s Christmas festivities.  Later this week the girls will be singing in Durweston Church.   Dorm decorations is a firm annual favourite with all the girls, nearly everyone boarded that evening and took part in the fun.    The whole-school Christmas lunch in the Hall, with the Christmas tree and decorations as a wonderful backdrop,  was such a happy event with all staff and pupils sitting down together to enjoy a delicious traditional Christmas meal, with as many home-grown vegetables and produce from the Hanford gardens as possible included on the menu.
This year’s Nativity, on Sunday 10 December, was beautifully performed by the UVIth girls under the careful direction of Mrs Witheridge with sterling musical support from Mrs Christie.    The Hall was packed with proud parents as the Christmas story came to life – this play was written for Hanford’s Founder, Mrs Canning, by Donald Kittermaster who taught English at Hanford, and is based on the Gospels of Luke and Matthew.   The costumes, some of which were given by Lady Rockley from the Amhurst Collection, are used every year and give the play not only its colour but add a sense of authenticity and history.   It has been performed every Christmas since 1960 and its appeal is timeless.
The carol service on Saturday16 December in the Chapel, to which all parents are invited, will being this term to a close.
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