Supporting Hanford

Hanford recently celebrated its 70th birthday. Generations of girls have now passed happily through our school enjoying the freedom of mind and spirit which is unique to Hanford. The school carries on the Cannings’ vision from when they founded the school in 1947. While their vision and values remain, our buildings and facilities need investment for the years to come. Hanford will be making capital investments and improvements for which any donation, no matter how great or small, can make a make an invaluable contribution to the continuation to one of the most extraordinary, special and unique educations for girls.

Hanford School-Donate

If you would like to watch the Art Appre Live Talk from the 2nd of March click the invitation above. If you would like to talk in more detail about making a donation please contact Catty Lowsley-Williams either by calling 01258 860219 or emailing her on

Donation Options

  1. Hanford School-Test Appeal

    Art Barn

    The Art Barn - transforming the sheds on the north end of the stables to an exciting new space for creativity at Hanford
    £6,360.00 + £1,065.00 Gift Aid donated of £100,000.00 goal
  2. Hanford School-Home 39

    All Rounder

    Making an 'All Rounder' donation gives Hanford the choice of where to invest.
    £1,950.00 + £362.50 Gift Aid donated of £5,000.00 goal