Supporting Hanford

Hanford is nearing its 75th birthday. Generations of girls have now passed happily through our school enjoying the freedom of mind and spirit which is unique to Hanford. The school carries on the Cannings’ vision from when they founded the school in 1947. While their vision and values remain, our buildings and facilities need investment for the years to come.

In order to keep Hanford fees as low as possible we use them to cover purely the operating costs of the school and we do not increase fees year on year. This means that site refurbishment is heavily dependent on donations. It also means that refurbishment of this beautiful site is very carefully considered.

Any donation, no matter how great or small, can make a make an invaluable contribution to the continuation to one of the most extraordinary, special and unique educations for girls.

If you would like to talk in more detail about making a donation please contact Catty Lowsley-Williams either by calling 01258 860219 or emailing her on

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Donation Options

  1. Hanford School-Art Barn

    Art Barn

    The cart lodges at the north end of the stables are being transformed into the new Art Barn which will finally house Art and Handwork under the same roof. This amazing new building will help us continue to encourage and support our Hanford girls' love of art and creativity.
    £6,480.00 + £1,090.00 Gift Aid donated of £100,000.00 goal
  2. Hanford School-Indoor School Refurbishment

    Indoor School Refurbishment

    The indoor school at Hanford is an essential building. It is not only used for all the riding lessons (flatwork, jumping, equestrian vaulting, riding displays and Tetrathlon etc) it also provides a lovely sheltered space for puppy parties on Well-being Day and end of term catchers' parties. All this use has taken its toll and now we need to raise funds for a new surface and kick boards to breathe new life in to the arena.
    £201.00 + £50.25 Gift Aid donated of £60,000.00 goal
  3. Hanford School-A Stable Roof 1

    A Stable Roof

    The stables at Hanford provide a home for ponies and staff members but for the girls, however, it is their happy place. It is a go to destination at break time and free time. It is a place to groom ponies, feed ponies, cuddle ponies, chat to ponies as well as feed chickens and pet dogs so they can spend time caring for animals which Sarah Canning felt was so important. So the roof not only shelters the building but safeguards the happiness of generations of Hanford girls.
    £1,680.01 + £295.00 Gift Aid donated of £200,000.00 goal


Here are some of the fundraising events Hanford has put on in the past year…

Art Barn Exhibition & Auction

Hanford School-Donate 2

Our Fundraising Auction has now closed having raised a total of over £85,000 for our Art Barn project. It was an extremely successful event that raised funds for the Art Barn while celebrating generations of Hanford girls’ Art and creativity.

Many thanks to the Artists who generously donated their artwork and to all who took part in this wonderful event. The now closed catalogue is still available to view online at snoofa.

Art Appre Live

Hanford School-Donate

Lucy Tabberer conducted an amazing Art Appre talk ‘live’ online on the 2nd March. Please click the invitation above to watch her video.