Creative Workshop with author Joseph Elliott

Nov 20

Juno and Lupe, two girls in the UVIth (Year 9) write below about their trip last week to meet author  Joseph Elliott and interview fellow pupil Bea about her thoughts on the day.

On Monday, 13th November, the UVIth and LVIth went on a trip to Sherborne Girls to meet actor and author, Joseph Elliott. He has written a trilogy based on a girl and a boy from a clan called the Sky Clan, who live on an island off the coast of Scotland. In their quest to explore the mainland, they encounter some creatures called Terror Beasts. The first book in the series is called ‘The Good Hawk’.

Joseph gave a talk and ran a workshop on creating our own Terror Beasts, which was about merging two animals of our choice and then describing the new creature’s personality. Every girl came up with a really creative idea.

Hanford School-Creative Workshop with author Joseph Elliott 2

After describing the Terror Beasts, we were each able to come up with a story based on the creature we designed. This was a lot of fun.

Afterwards, we were able to buy books and get them signed. Some girls bought all the books in the trilogy. A couple of us even asked to shake Joseph’s hand!

A fun fact about Joseph Elliot…he starred in a few children’s comedies on CBBC, including ‘Swashbuckle’, which is a childhood favourite for a lot of the girls at Hanford!

Hanford School-Creative Workshop with author Joseph Elliott 1


Interviewing Bea, UVIth

Would you recommend Joseph’s books and why?

Yes, because they seem well written and I think they are fit for our age as they are a mixture of dark but quite entertaining fantasy. Also, Joseph has got some very good ideas.

Has this talk made you want to read the books and why?

Yes, because he read us a section which intrigued me.

Did you like the workshop and why?

I liked the workshop because it was creative, and he taught us that it is okay for things to go wrong.

What magical creature did you create?

A cross between a buffalo and a scorpion called a Scruffalo.

Has the talk encouraged you to write your own stories?

Yes, it has.

What part of the talk did you most like and why?

Joseph reading an extract from his book, ‘The Good Hawk’, because it really inspired me to write.

Hanford School-Creative Workshop with author Joseph Elliott 3

 Article by Juno and Lupe 

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