Cross Country at Kings Park

Jan 17

It was a cold and rainy day at Kings Park, Bournemouth this afternoon for the Dorset Schools Cross Country Championships. After walking the course, the U13 girls were raring to go on the start line. It was a very speedy start for the girls with Polly, Daisy and Elinor taking the front. Georgia, Elsa, Orlagh and Gema fell into a comfortable yet competitive pace slightly behind. The race consisted of a complete circuit of the long course covering 2300m. The rain held off long enough for the girls to complete the course with us gaining a 20th, 29th and 31st placing.

After supporting the younger girls, the U15 girls warmed up and got ready on the start line. The girls had to navigate one loop of the short course in addition to one loop of the long course. The total distance ran was 3000m which was impressive racing against girls from the year above them. The girls performed exceptionally well with India placing 8th, Bea 11th and Rose 28th. Puddle and Victoria ran very well with great effort and determination in quite testing weather conditions and finished mid-way in a field of approximately 130 runners.

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