Dorset County Netball Finals

Mar 13

The U12 netball team had a fantastic day out at Bournemouth School for Girls on Wednesday 11th March. After qualifying as third in North Dorset, we were now competing against the top 12 school teams in Dorset.

After a dynamic and energising warm up, we played Port Regis in our first game. We had a very close game and after 14 minutes of play the match ended 6-3 to Port Regis. Adesola’s split landing in the D made us look like a very strong team. Our second game was against Allenbourn. The game was a very different style of play to what we usually play and we lost our flow a little. Unfortunately, Elsa had an injury so we made some substitutions and managed to secure a 6-6 draw. Up next was St Mary’s. This is where our play came together. We worked well as a team and everybody was involved in bringing the ball up the court effortlessly. Orlagh, Polly and Tara made countless interceptions and we were effective at converting these turnovers to goals. Our penultimate group match was against Glenmoor. This was a nail-biting game and it was goal for goal throughout. With Florence, Gema, Maria and Georgia working very hard against their defence we took the win with a final score of 6-4.

As we had drawn and lost one game we were unsure whether we would make it to the semi-finals. Luckily we had scored more goals than Allenbourn and so we were placed second in the group. This meant that we were to play the winners of section 2. This was Bournemouth School for Girls. They put out a very strong and rehearsed side with accurate shooters which we weren’t quite able to match. The final score was 10-3 to BSG.

Our final game of the day was therefore the 3rd and 4th place play off. This was against Parkstone Grammar School. It was another very close game which all girls were a part of. It was a real team effort but we just missed out on 3rd place with PGS winning 5-3. We hope to arrange another game against this school in the future to have a well matched fixture.

Overall, it was a very exciting day, with much better weather than all previous tournaments the girls have attended this year. The girls worked very hard all day and were over the moon having been placed 4th in Dorset. The improvement since the start of the season has been very impressive. Well done girls.

Hanford School-Dorset County Netball Finals

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