Canning Awards

In September 2022 we introduced the Canning Awards as part of our activities programme.   The awards provide the girls with the opportunity to develop a range of skills, to increase their capabilities, confidence and awareness and to encourage responsibility, creativity and curiosity and to empower them to make your own decisions.  The awards are varied and increase in difficulty as the girls move through the school.   The Vth Form work towards the Bronze, the LVIth the Silver and the UVIth the Gold Awards.

The girls get involved in various activities which fall under the categories of: Skill, Creativity, Communication, Outdoor Learning and Adventure, Community Spirit and Volunteering.  There is also an “essential experiences” list and we encourage the girls to complete as many of these during their time at home during the holidays.

The final part of each award is a whole year group expedition challenge.

The Canning Legacy

The Reverend Clifford Canning and Mrs Canning bought Hanford in 1947 and converted the mansion in to a school. They had three daughters and Sarah, who taught Latin and Riding for many years, took over the running of the school in 1959 and lived and worked at Hanford until her death in 2018.

The Cannings believed that children should be free to enjoy their childhood, whilst given the opportunity to fulfil their potential in all aspects of school life and to develop as individuals in an environment of mutual respect and trust.   This vision is central to the Canning Awards.


The Bronze Award

In the Vth Form the award is aimed at developing teamwork and taking on a challenge and through the various activities on offer, to build confidence and explore creativity. The award will offer different experiences and enable you to try a new skill with the possibility of finding a new talent or passion.

The Silver Award

The Silver level is the second Canning Award, offering a range of experiences with the emphasis on developing initiative, independence and consideration. Opportunities to try new skills also help to build self-confidence.  More information about the Silver Awards can be found here.  This year the LVIth whole year Challenge involves a short trek on a Saturday afternoon followed by an overnight camp at a local farm.

The Gold Award

This level is the highest of the Canning Awards. At this stage, opportunities to encourage curiosity, leadership and thinking of others are on offer in addition to the various Life Skill components.

Each award is comprised of 10 components. Most of the components will be completed during activity sessions at school on a Wednesday afternoon or on a Saturday morning. Some can be completed at home during the holidays or at weekends.   Teachers instruct and guide the girls through their awards and help them assess their progress.

Read more about the Canning Awards here.