Clubs and Activities

Hanford girls like to be busy, sometimes lost in their own imaginations and at other times learning a new skill or activity.  During the school week and at weekends, we offer a wide range of activities, some of which are included in the school fees and some of which are paid extras.

Hanford School-Clubs 2


Wednesday activities take place between 4:00 and 5:30pm and on Saturday mornings between 11:50 and 1:00pm. The girls look forward to these sessions as they are an opportunity to try their hand at something new and work with a different group of people (they are not run by year group but rather by interest). The staff taking these activities are aware of the school’s broader education themes in the Character Curriculum and will look at ways to make their particular activity relevant to the child’s development as well as their interest.

Hanford School-Clubs

Some of the activities on offer include Archery, Book Club, Build a Band, Coding for Computing, Chess, Cookery, Croquet, Creative Writing, Dance, Debating, Drama, Floristry, Knitting, Orienteering, Pistol Shooting, Stable Management, Spanish, Tennis and Table Tennis to name but a few. Staff are always open to suggestions so the list is ever changing.


Some activities are more of an ongoing passion at Hanford and therefore become clubs. They are very popular and most girls will join more than one. They are run after school on weekdays and over the weekend.

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Clubs at Hanford include clothes club, textiles club, gardening club, doodle club, special art (for potential scholars) pottery club, knitting, apple pressing, jam and chutney making, making paper, French club, junior art, LAMDA and Brownies.  These clubs take place throughout the year, depending on the season, and most are run at no extra charge.