Hanford girls like to be busy, sometimes lost in their own imaginations and at other times learning a new skill or activity.

Hanford School-Clubs 2


Activities take place on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.    The sessions are popular as the give girls the chance to try something new and work with a different group of pupils.   Activities are loosely linked to the Character Curriculum and staff will make activities relevant to the girls’ development as well as their interests.   The activities for the Vth Form upwards contribute to the Canning Awards.

Hanford School-Clubs

Some of the activities on offer include Archery, Book Club, Build a Band, Coding for Computing, Chess, Cookery, Croquet, Creative Writing, DJ skills, Dance, Debating, Drama, Floristry, Gardening, Knitting, Orienteering, Pistol Shooting, Stable Management, Spanish, Tennis and Table Tennis to name but a few.


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