Hanford’s Enrichment Programme – new for Sept 2024

Hanford Enrichment Programme

The Hanford Enrichment Programme is a skills-based programme which will be introduced in September 2024.  The programme will be woven throughout the whole curriculum at Hanford and further developed through bespoke enrichment activities which will take place during the week, after 4.30pm and on Saturday mornings.   The three key principles which will lie at the heart of the programme are designed to:

Extend knowledge and skills beyond the classroom in a supportive environment.

Explore and encourage new interests.

Engage imagination and creativity.

Girls at Hanford will have an enrichment “passport” which will form part of their scrapbook which they already keep throughout their time at Hanford, working with their personal tutor to achieve goals agreed by staff and pupils alike. We are calling this set of goals the “Hanford Hundred” and a selection of goals can be seen below.

Fundraise Disagree well Follow a map Grow and eat produce Perform in public
Climb a tree (and get back down) Show compassion Change a plug Understand budgeting Treat a wound
Pool life saving Sew on a button Apologise sincerely Cycling Proficiency Write a thank you letter
Entertain guests Tie shoelaces Share Read to an audience Fire safety

The final list will encompass physical, emotional, academic and life skills. Whilst there are 100 goals on the list, many of these have a degree of overlap thus enabling girls to work on several different skills at a time.  The list is deliberately ambitious, and girls will be supported in understanding the progress they are making and also, crucially, supported in understanding that they may not accomplish all these goals in their time at Hanford, but that the list represents targets that they can take with them in their steps beyond our school.

The table below gives an idea of some of the activities that will be on offer. Through these activities, your daughters will be able to develop their Hanford Hundred.  For example, in Debating, girls will learn to disagree well, speak in front of small and larger audiences, be gracious in both victory and defeat.  In Entrepreneur club, girls will learn about finance and budgeting, supply and demand. They will learn how to value and advertise a service or product. They will learn the value not only of objects, but of time and expertise. Patience will also be needed and the ability to strategize and predict pitfalls.

Entrepreneur Club First Aid Journalism Club Equine Studies Leadership Challenge
Cookery DIY Drama Alternative sports Logic and Strategy
Foundation Project Qualification (FPQ) Debating Society Spanish Grow your own The Appliance of Science