Fifth Form Play – Perseus and Medusa

Mar 24

The end of the Spring term ended with a wonderful Double Bill in the Main Hall –  two plays were performed back-to-back before everyone gathered their things and headed off happily for the Easter holidays and a well-deserved break.
The Fifth Form play, “Perseus and Medusa, The Musical” was written and directed by Mr J and was the perfect end to a happy term.   Mr J introduced the play saying modestly that if the girls pulled it off then all credit was due to them, and if it was a total shambles the blame lay squarely on his shoulders.  But he need not have feared.  From the very start as the Greek gods assembled on the stage, the audience knew that we were in for another brilliant Hanford production.
It was a hilarious whirlwind of gods, heroic strangers, damsels in towers, dastardly kings, flying sandals and a great deal of taramasalata.  We were gripped as Perseus pursued poor Medusa, chopping off her head, turning all and sundry to stone and killing sea monsters.   The girls performed brilliantly and certainly deserved the cheers they received at the end.   
Hanford School-Fifth Form Play - Perseus and Medusa 8
Hanford School-Fifth Form Play - Perseus and Medusa 7
Hanford School-Fifth Form Play - Perseus and Medusa 6
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