French Trip for Vth and LVth girls

Sep 27

On Monday 19th September, as the world woke up to celebrate the life of Queen Elizabeth II, the Vth and LVth girls sailed to Cherbourg, France on the Brittany Ferry.  When we landed, we headed to Barfleur where, after a walk around the pretty seaside fishing village, the girls ordered from a glorious selection of pastries from the bakery in their best French.  After a short coach ride down the Normandy coast to our hostel, the girls had a quick swim in the sea and, after supper, headed to bed.
After a good night’s sleep and the traditional bowl of hot chocolate for breakfast, we bundled onto the coach and drove to the ancient city of Bayeux to view the Bayeux Tapestry which the girls found fascinating.  We took the opportunity to have a look inside the Cathedral before we drove south to the Zoo de Jurques.  At the zoo, the girls were able to excitedly run around and see white tigers, red pandas, lions, wolves, penguins and a variety of monkeys and smaller mammals.
Hanford School-French Trip for Vth and LVth girls 1
In the afternoon we drove up to the Biscuiterie les Sables in Asnelles, where the girls had the opportunity to make and bake their own shortbread biscuits after a workshop with the head baker.  Happily munching on biscuits, we drove to a Supermarket near Bayeux to give the girls the opportunity to see and shop for French goodies.
Hanford School-French Trip for Vth and LVth girls 2
On our final morning we drove to Caen to catch the ferry home, via a tour of Pegasus Bridge and the Museum.  The girls learned all about the brave Second World War Glider pilots and had the opportunity to look around the site of the famous landings and were intrigued to hear that the Gliders took off from Tarrant Rushden, near Hanford.
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