Hanford and Sherborne Girls – an exciting new partnership

Jun 29

The Governors of Sherborne Girls and Hanford are delighted to announce that by 1 September 2023, the two charitable trusts that own the schools will be formally merged. This new partnership provides an exciting opportunity for closer working between the two schools, whilst ensuring that each school remains independent and retains its unique character and ethos.

For many years Hanford and Sherborne Girls have benefitted from a close relationship, underpinned by shared values, a Christian foundation and a commitment to the advancement of girls’ education. Both schools are renowned for their dedication to fostering individuality, academic enquiry and excellence, character development and a holistic education, and for preparing girls for success in a dynamic and rapidly changing world. Many Hanford families send their daughters to Sherborne Girls; indeed Sarah Canning, the daughter of Hanford’s founders, was herself at Sherborne Girls.

This partnership reflects Hanford and Sherborne Girls’ commitment to innovation and collaboration, enabling each school to benefit from shared resources, knowledge and experience, allowing for greater educational and financial agility and resilience, as well as creating exciting opportunities for growth and development.

Hanford and Sherborne Girls will each remain on its current site and retain its name and identity. Where practical and beneficial, the schools will share aspects of their offering to enhance the girls’ educational experience. Hanford will continue to prepare girls for entry and scholarship to a wide range of senior schools. Both schools will remain committed to enhancing the educational opportunities for girls in a supportive environment, underpinned by a breadth of opportunity and exceptional pastoral care.

Louise Hall, Chair of Governors at Sherborne Girls, commented about the merger, “Having grown up locally and gone to Sherborne Girls myself, as did my daughters, I have always been aware of the close relationship and synergies between Hanford and Sherborne Girls. This partnership reinforces the importance of girls’ education and is an exciting next step for both schools. While preserving our unique identities, we can be stronger together for the benefit of our pupils and staff today and for generations to come.”

As Chair of Governors at Hanford, Mr Andrew Hussey said, “I fully understand and appreciate the importance of providing a first-class education for girls and having had my own daughter at Sherborne Girls, I couldn’t be happier that the two schools are going to be working so closely together long into the future. Joining forces with Sherborne Girls not only enhances our provision but helps safeguard our future as a leading girls’ prep school.”

Dr Ruth Sullivan, Head at Sherborne Girls added, “I am thrilled that Sherborne Girls will be working more closely with Hanford. This is a fantastic opportunity for the schools to collaborate, share and learn from each other and in so doing broaden and deepen the educational offering to the girls and strengthen the futures of both schools.”

Mrs Hilary Phillips who will be taking over as Head of Hanford in September commented, “Having worked in prep and senior schools, I understand the way both types of school can work together to create a wonderful offer for their pupils. I am confident that this new partnership will strengthen and enhance Hanford and Sherborne Girls and am looking forward to building on the many opportunities the new collaboration will bring.”

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