Hanford Art Festival

Jun 24

Every Picture Tells a Story

Hanford’s first Art Festival was a terrific success with 16 different artists and experts hosting talks and workshops. Joining in the week long festival were Hanford girls, staff, parents, friends, family as well as local school children and residents. Together they celebrated the important role creativity plays, not just at Hanford, but also in life by exploring major environmental themes such as endangered species, disappearing habitats, waste, recycling and up-cycling. Demonstrating how powerfully and emotionally art can communicate important ideas and issues.

Creativity plays a vibrant role at Hanford and is not just confined to paper, paint, ink and clay but is expressed throughout the school in art appreciation, handwork lessons and gardening. It is evident in the work displayed around the school and in the outstanding scholarship success of the girls; in the past four years, there have been over fourteen art scholarships. This year has been a particularly strong one for creativity at Hanford, with six girls being given scholarships and awards. One girl achieved a first for Hanford, a DT scholarship. To see pictures of the festival click here.

Details of the artists and speakers:

  1. Peter Rush, a specialist in papier mâché, will be making 3-D insects from recycled materials such as plastic spoons and forks
  2. Charles Church, an internationally renowned equestrian artist, will be running a drawing workshop;
  3. Beatrice von Preussen, a printmaker, who has recently worked at Battersea Park Children’s Zoo, was working with stones from Antarctica
  4. Zac Greening, an installation artist works in LED lighting, inspired by nature, using found and recyclable materials; together the girls collected 1,200 plastic bottles for the project
  5. Sarah Bailey, a figurative embroiderer;
  6. Catrina Bruce who works with found objects was inspired by the insects and plants she found in the garden to make cyanotype prints.
  7. Caroline Gregson creates graceful animal sculptures from woven willow and will be making deer sculptures with the girls;
  8. Emma Johnston, an atmospheric landscape painter did a collaborative landscape canvas
  9. Lucy Bentley local artist, illustrator and Head of Art at Hanford
  10. Safia Thomas form The Bootmaker Workshop made mosaics from scraps of unwanted materiasl arrived in a knitted taxi
  11. Ann Witheridge, a former pupil and current parent and founder of Fine Art Studio London, will explore the enduring appeal of portrait painting and still life in ‘A Live and Lively Portrait Painting Demonstration’;
  12. Mark Coreth, an internationally renowned sculptor, will talk about the plight of the polar bear whilst sculpting;
  13. Harry Primrose, Lord Dalmeny, the Chairman of Sotheby’s U.K. and Ireland, will talk about ‘What Makes Art Valuable’;
  14. Sara Radice, Head of History of Art at Godolphin School in Salisbury, will talk about ‘Painters, Petticoats and Politics of Five 18thCentury Women’;
  15. Michael Taylor, an award-winning portraitist, will be talking about ‘A Personal Journey through Paintings’ including the story of ‘Boy with Apple’, which was painted at Hanford and featured in Wes Anderson’s film ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel.’
  16. Rufus Bird, Surveyor of the Queen’s Collection talked about ‘What is the Royal Collection?’
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