Hanford girls ‘Best Delegation’ at Mini Model United Nations

Feb 08

Hanford was invited to send some delegates to a Mini Model United Nations (MUN) event at Bryanston School this week.   The MUN is a ‘school version’ of the United Nations and three teams of delegates from Hanford joined the event, six girls in total.   The Hanford delegation represented Ireland.   Arabella and Jessica in the Upper Sixth sat on the UN Human Rights Council discussing Press Freedom;  Sachini and Emily in the Lower Sixth were members of the UN Environment Committee discussing Sustainable Energey and Vivian and Aliza from Fifth Form joined the World Food Programme where discussions centred around Food Insecurity.
Sachini and Emily’s resolution was chosen for debate by their committee; the resolution went on to be passed and the two girls were awarded ‘Best Delegation’ status, and given medals as prize winners.  
Mrs Northey worked with the girls ahead of the MUN to help them prepare for the day; they discussed and researched the topics that were going to be debated and came up with possible resolutions they could put forward.
Hanford School-Hanford girls 'Best Delegation' at Mini Model United Nations
Sachini said of the experience, “I was really nervous getting ready for the day, but when we arrived that all disappeared.   I really enjoyed the team work, forming alliances with delegates from other schools.  We had to be very quick thinking as the topics changed a lot and we had to be able to argue without getting angry!”
Freya, a GAP matron who accompanied the girls with Mrs Northey said, “I was so impressed with their preparation and their actual performance on the day.  They all worked super hard and expressed their opinions clearly.”
Hanford School-Hanford girls 'Best Delegation' at Mini Model United Nations 1
Model United Nations (MUN) simulations are popular exercises for those interested in learning more about the UN. Hundreds of thousands of students worldwide participate every year in MUN at all educational levels – from primary school to university. Many of today’s leaders in law, government, business and the arts participated in MUN as students.
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