Hanford Mathematics Activities Day

May 10

Maths Activities Day

The maths team at Hanford pulled out all the stops last Thursday to mix mathematics with merriment.  Various challenges were set before the girls and, as always, they rose to the occasion.  The Mathematics Activities Day was planned by new Head of Mathematics, Mr McSweeney, who thanked his amazing team of Mrs Godden, Mrs Bratby and Mr Askew for their enthusiasm and hard work which ensured a fun day of mathematics for the girls!

Upper Sixth

Upper Sixth were introduced to newly established Hanford Jewel Exchange, an exchange that is surely to rival London, New York and Hong Kong.They set up investment companies, bought jewels and followed the market. There were many cries of joy and despair at the vagaries of our local jewel market as prices rose and fell. Some of our investment companies did very well though!

Hanford School-Hanford Mathematics Activities Day 5

Lower Sixth

Continuing the business and finance theme, our Lower Sixth became entrepreneurs, setting up small businesses running ice cream vans. They had to work out start-up costs, running costs and determine the best price at which to sell their ice cream. Of course, for quality control purposes, the product had to be sampled!

Fifth form

Our fifth form girls exhibited their Hanford gung-ho sense of fun with a semaphore activity where they had to pass messages to and fro. There was much laughter and some confusion but spirits remained high even when showers look likely.

The girls came up with the idea of signalling the school’s name to the world!

Hanford School-Hanford Mathematics Activities Day 6

Fourth Form

Fourth form explored the art of Piet Mondrian which involved careful use of straight lines and right angles. His art requires the greatest discipline and focus and our artists did a tremendous job.

Third Form

Girls in the Third form made their business contribution by working as greengrocers, weighing and categorising vegetables in preparation for creating nutritious packages for potential customers.

Hanford School-Hanford Mathematics Activities Day 7


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