Hanford U11 Rounders vs Knighton House

May 22

The U11A team had a fun and friendly match against Knighton on Saturday.  It was very hot but the girls did well not to melt into a soporific state and maintain focus for both their batting and fielding innings.  Fielding was, on the whole, tight, but a few rogue decisions were made, however they were not too costly.  Equally there was some fabulous fielding; with quick thinking, superb movement and heroic catching which the coach very much enjoyed.  Hanford’s batting was slow to start, with Knighton’s bowler initially bowling some tricky donkey drops and the Hanford team hitting the ball consistently straight at second post, but once the girls mastered waiting for the ball and turning hitter bodies they hit and scored some good rounders.   The final score was 14-8.5 in Hanford’s favour.

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