Hanford v Knighton Netball

Jan 15

The U13A team played brilliantly well against Knighton House. The girls took a while to get going in the first quarter but eventually got the grasp of making short, sharp passes and perfecting their timing. The team demonstrated excellent versatility with some players out of position. The attackers were consistent at feeding the ball into shooting circle. The centre court players came out strong for centre passes and the defenders made countless interceptions and were fully supportive in bringing the ball down the court. The final result was 23-1 with India and Ellie awarded players of the match.

The U13B team played well against a younger Knighton House team and won 18-1. The girls were able to show their versatility and rose well to the challenge of positional changes. Xanthe played particularly well in all positions and was the coach’s girl of the game.

The U12A team had a well deserved win over Knighton House with a final score of 21-1. The girls had a slow start as they found their groove, but soon were playing well together and making accurate passes down the court. Shooters Adesola, Florence and Georgia all shot brilliantly well to secure an early lead. Our mid court players, Elinor, Maria, Gema and Tara worked tirelessly to intercept passes and to get free for the ball. Elsa and Lalage were unstoppable in defence only conceding one goal! Players of the match were awarded to star defender, Elsa and to our captain and shooter Adesola.

Hanford School-Hanford v Knighton Netball Hanford School-Hanford v Knighton Netball 1 Hanford School-Hanford v Knighton Netball 2 Hanford School-Hanford v Knighton Netball 3 Hanford School-Hanford v Knighton Netball 4 Hanford School-Hanford v Knighton Netball 5

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