Hanford Well-being Day

Feb 10

An online well-being day was organised after many of us not seeing each other face to face for over nearly months. A whole day dedicated to looking after ourselves in these difficult times and spreading some joy. The girls dressed in comfortable clothing and were asked in advance to put together a personal ‘Express Yourself’ outfit for the day. 

Dick Moore sent in a lovely video message to start the day off which Mr J used as part of the morning assembly.
Ed Youngson, son of our school Nurse Jane, then took a PT session to get everyone energised and kick started for the day ahead. The girls, who need little encouragement to dress up, came up with some interesting, original and wonderful outfits as did the staff !
Girls were given a ‘This is Me Booklet’ to fill in to give them time to think about all sorts of things that help them to understand themselves, their feelings as well as read and understand the feelings of others.
During the day the following sessions were on Zoom – still in costume.
Express Yourself session  
Screen shot for Form Poster  
Emotions and Feelings 
My Happy Place 
Pet’s Corner
Visit to The Stables with Charley
Scavenger Hunt
There was lots of time to get together and chat about pets – the highlights were Eden Cole who brought her pony in to the kitchen to be on zoom and Alex DP feeding a robin from her hand!
After the excitement of all the pets, Alex our dance teacher took a relaxing Yogalates session to restore some calm just before the final Jack-a-Rory story from Mr J about a “Wolf’s Colourful Coat”.
The girls had been asked at the beginning of the day to listen out for various lines from a song that we were using as our theme song – Alex DP guessed correctly. The gaps produced a wonderful video to “This is me” which was played as the finale.

Dick Moore and Mr Johnston start the day

Hanford School-Hanford Well-being Day 6

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Hanford School-Hanford Well-being Day 5

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Hanford School-Hanford Well-being Day 8

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