In Celebration of National Poetry Day

Oct 05

In celebration of National Poetry Day  please find below a poem written by one of our pupils last year, which we feel really sums up Hanford, as seen through the eyes of a 12 year old.
A Recipe for a Hanford Girl
by Coco (written when Coco was in Year 7)
First, take a Form and pour
into a blender.  Add in Music
and laughter after 5 mins,
then sprinkle into medium
saucepan.  Allow to puree
until fine texture in a blender.
Let it cool, then stir
with lacrosse stick,
and roll out with
cricket bat, once it
starts emitting the smell of horse,
is as thick as a science textbook
and is groaning at the prospect of Latin.
Add in shredded, not torn, wild garlic,
then force the mixture into a room,
allow shrieking and giggles, then
take back out again to simmer on hot gravel.
Once browned/red from the summer sun,
take to cool in the library,
then remove again to bake in dorm.
When settled, leave for eleven hours.
Serve with trees, best when sleepy.
Girls (well mannered)
Trees (cedar)
Horses (shetland)
Music (salted)
Laughter (high pitched)
Friends (gluten-free)
Rolling Pin
Hanford School-In Celebration of National Poetry Day 1
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