Inspired by ‘Journey to the River Sea’

Nov 09

Last academic year, when they were in the Vth form, pupils read Eva Ibbotson’s ‘Journey to the River Sea’.   They were so inspired by the novel which is set in Manaus, Brazil in the early 20th century and centres around the Amazon River, that they asked if they could do further work and research about the Amazon this year.
In their English lessons they learned how to put this new knowledge to good effect, creating a leaflet and poster about the Amazon and the impact of climate change and deforestation, combining persuasive writing skills with design skills.
Hanford School-Inspired by 'Journey to the River Sea'
They also asked if they could hold a Bake Sale to raise money for Rainforest Charities; they made batches of delicious cup cakes, decorated them and created a wonderful display of goodies to sell at the opening of the Art Barn ahead of half term.  They raised an impressive £250.
The Rainforest Trust UK wrote to thank the girls saying:

To everyone at Hanford SchoolI am writing to thank you for your recent donation of £250, which will be directed towards the Rainforest Trust Conservation Action Fund. To commemorate your generous support, please find attached your Conservation Hero Certificate with our compliments, which shows the impact you will have on the planet.

Over 50% of the world’s species depend on rainforests for their survival, and thousands of indigenous communities across the tropics rely on these forests for homes, clean water and economic prosperity. Preserving rainforests is also vital in the fight against climate change. If tropical deforestation were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases after China and the United States. Put simply, saving acres of rainforest is one of the most important and cost-effective things anyone can do to help our planet – so thank you again for making this commitment to protect wildlife, communities and the climate.We guarantee that 100% of your donation (excluding platform and transaction costs) will go directly to our conservation efforts, as we fund all our staff salaries and office and marketing costs through donations by our Board of Trustees and Gift Aid.Thank you again for stepping up to help protect rainforests, endangered species and the climate during this unsettling time. For the rainforests!

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