“It’s Not Fair!” a play written and directed by Mrs Phillips

Apr 17

The Fifth Form play, “It’s Not Fair”, written and directed by Mrs Phillips was performed on the last day of the Spring Term to a rapt audience of parents, friends and staff.    There were very few costumes, as most of the girls played themselves;  the only exceptions were Rose as a very entertaining Polly, Head of Art, and Amelia, who played Mrs Phillips.
The plot took us through all areas of Hanford as the ‘hard done by’ Fifth Form girls searched for a Common Room to call their own.    Regularly breaking into song, trying to oust the Juniors from the Rotunda, attempting a sit-in in the library and eventually persuading Mrs Phillips that they had squatters’ rights in her study, the girls had everyone laughing from start to finish.
It was a perfect way to end the school term and everyone set off for the Easter holidays with big smiles on their faces.  Well done to the cast and the patient director!
Hanford School-"It's Not Fair!" a play written and directed by Mrs Phillips 1
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