STEM Festival

2019-2020 will be the Year of STEM

Hanford School-STEM

To kick start our Year of STEM we will be hosting a 4 day festival where the girls will enjoy a series of talks and workshops themed around Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

For The Girls

Friday 6th of September

There will an engineering workshop run by the Smallpiece Trust where students will design-and-construct a wind turbine to produce the greatest amount of electricity, whilst ensuring that their model is aesthetically pleasing as local residents are worried the wind turbine will be an eye sore. Students will:

  • Construct a circuit to convert the turbine rotation to electricity (instructions are provided)
  • Design and construct a turbine blade to maximise output
  • Design and construct a tower to carry the turbine.

Monday 9th of September

Ian Dunn from Do Science is a stand-up scientist who has performed all over the country and others ones too using information and demonstrations to bring science alive for one and all. He will be encouraging our IIIrd, IVth and Vth Form to get excited by the world of STEM

Tuesday 10th of September

Tim Marshall from the Detective Project will run a CSI Hanford workshop where girls will use the latest forensic techniques to solve a crime. His workshop is fully interactive and hands-on. The girls are guided through the investigation where they will undertake lots of testing and discussion. The ability to work as a team and develop theories that rely on sound forensic thinking is developed.

Wednesday 11th of September

The Medical Mavericks will task the girls to Challenge the Champions. Where they will see how they  compare to some of the world’s greatest athletes with 10 amazing sports science tests. They can race a virtual Usain Bolt, test their reaction speed on a BATAK wall, test their strength, record ball throwing speed and much more.

For Parents, Friends, Family and Local Residents

Friday 6th of September 

Alex Bellos, puzzle setter and author, will explain The Origin of Numbers’.

Tuesday 11th of September 

Dr Erica McAlister,The Natural History Museum’s Senior Curator for Diptera and Siphonaptera, will share with us ‘The Secret Life of Flies’.

Wednesday 12th of September

Ann Fullick, author and public scientist, will talk about ‘Careers in STEM’. Adam Hart-Davis will  be telling us ‘The Strange History of the Toilet’. Talks start at 6.30pm.

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