LVIth History and Art Trip to London

Apr 24

On Tuesday 23 April the Lower Sixth (Year 7) set off  on a History and Art trip to London.   The girls started the day with a fascinating tour of both of the Houses of Parliament which was rich with historical references that brought to life many of their recent history lessons, especially those about the downfall of Charles I and the Civil War.   The girls were able to stand among the House of Lords’ benches (only a peer may sit down on the red leather seats) and admired the Sovereign’s Throne from which the monarch gives his or her speech at the State opening of Parliament.   They learned how legislation is introduced and debated by peers and were intrigued to see the marks left by Sir Winston Churchill’s signet ring as he banged the central table for emphasis during his infamous wartime speeches.

We then met with North Dorset’s MP, Simon Hoare, in Westminster Hall who gave the girls a wonderfully detailed insight into the life of a busy MP and Minister of State.  Simon was very generous with his time and nearly every girl had a chance to ask him a question.

Leaving the Palace of Westminster, the girls walked up Whitehall, stopping to note the Cenotaph, Downing Street and the spot outside Banqueting House where Charles I was executed.  After a spot of lunch in The Crypt at St Martin In The Fields the girls visited the National Gallery.  They were excited to see Henri Rousseau’s tiger in his famous painting “Surprised” as they will all be making a response in their upcoming Art lessons.   The Special Art group had a chance to sketch in front of the painting and then moved on to the Van Gogh paintings where they drew crabs and chairs on the sandwich bags they had kept from lunchtime – an excellent chance to continue their earlier experiments with recycled materials.   The rest of the group explored the gallery, finding many of their favourite paintings and those they have seen and studied in Art Appreciation (Art Appre) lessons.

The girls behaved perfectly throughout the day, showing just the right level of enthusiasm, energy and good manners!   They were a delight to accompany and we look forward to seeing the results of their inspiring trip in their History and Art lessons.

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