LVIth Trip to London

Apr 29

On Monday, 29th April our L6th went to London for an educational day.

We visited many places including the Houses of Parliament, Banqueting House and National Gallery. First of all we went to visited Westminster Hall a building nearly 1000 years old, where a new stained glass window had been installed to celebrate Womens’  Rights.  We had a detailed tour of the Central Lobby, House of Lords and House of Commons and the rest of Parliament itself. We got to experience many unique sites. Banqueting Hall was next, everyone lay down on beanbags and looked at the amazing paintings on the ceiling, some also tried on costumes and pretended to waltz around the room. The Palace can only be described as ‘simply beautiful’. After lunch in the crypt we walked across the road to the National Gallery where Whistlejacket was a huge favourite – Hanford girls love paintings of horses. Overall it was an exciting and thrilling trip. Posted by Alice S-S and Lucy

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