LVIth trip to London

Apr 26

On, Monday, the L6th went on a very exciting trip to London which included first the Houses of Parliament. Inside, we were taken on an interesting tour of the place where our country is run from. We saw the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the Royal rooms. These are the three areas which make up the Palace of Westminster. We then walked down Whitehall to the Banqueting House, where we admired the recently restored building from comfy beanbags! We continued on down to St Martins in the Fields below which was the Cafe in the Crypt where we were treated to a wonderful lunch which included a delicious homemade sandwich, a large slice of cake and a bottle of fizzy drink. After a quick lunch, we where whistled off to see Whistlejacket at the National Gallery. We also saw The Ambassadors, The Toilet of Venus ( which had been successfully restored after being slashed) and Van Gogh’s Chair.

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