Nationals Prep Schools Cross Country Championships

Feb 10

3 March 2017

Nationals Prep Schools Cross Country Championships

There were 50 schools participating in the Under 11 event with 296 runners. Despite the difficult start which saw both Polly and Eliza grounded, the team still managed to finish an amazing 3rd and Clemmie’s individual 4th place finish (only 10 secs behind the winner) was outstanding.

Clemmie 4th 8.17 mins
Ophelia 44th 9.11 mins
Anabel 46th 9.13 mins
Eliza 60th 9.25 mins
Polly 77th 9.34 mins
Claudia 191st 10.13 mins

After a false start in the Under 13 race, the runners were pulled back and the race was restarted. This race involved 27 Schools with 150 runners.
All the girls ran well over the longer course and finished in 10th place overall.

Mary 26th 11.25 mins
Daisy 43rd 11.42 mins
Tilly 64th 12.11 mins
Carmen 70th 12.15 mins
Willa 73rd 12.17 mins
Alice 84th 12.26 mins

The full results can be found on the following site;

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