NSEA Championships

Oct 19

We are delighted that a Hanford riding team, Kitty, Ellie, Aline and Chloe, has qualified for the NSEA National Championships in both the 75cm and 85cm show jumping classes.   Chloe and Kitty also take forward individual qualifications in the 75cm and 85cm classes respectively.

The journey to qualifying for the Championships started back in early September for the girls when they competed at the Moreton Equestrian Centre in Dorset coming second in the 70cm class and first in the 80cm class, thus qualifying for the National Championships as well as picking up individual qualifications.

As the classes at the NSEA Championships are 5cm higher than in qualifying the girls have spent valuable hours training in the past weeks getting themselves and their ponies ready for the challenge as well as the atmosphere and excitement of the Championships.

The girls will arrive at Addington Equestrian Centre on Thursday 19 October in time to settle their ponies into the stables in daylight and give both horse and rider a chance to stretch their legs after the journey from Dorset to Buckinghamshire.  The girls jump early on Friday in their first Championship class so a good night’s sleep will be in order after walking the courses!

We will keep you updated on Hanford’s 2023 journey to the National Championships…. watch this space!

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