One of the Leading Private Schools in Dorset

As one of Dorset’s most sought-after private schools, Hanford offers a welcoming, inspiring and enriching environment. Students are given the opportunity to explore their creativity, develop a wide range of skills and interests, and take part in activities that stimulate and challenge them. We believe in letting students remain children for as long as possible, which is why we encourage games, friendly competitions, and even tree climbing!

We strive to create a fulfilling learning environment that fosters growth and allows children to flourish. This is achieved by offering small class sizes (usually just 10-12 pupils per lesson) and using proven teaching methods to deliver an enlightened education. Our curriculum is taught by subject specialists, whose proven teaching methods consistently help students achieve outstanding results.

Students have the option of full-time boarding (which includes a variety of activities during weekends and free time) or visiting the school on a daily basis. Full details of our fees (including optional extracurricular activities and music lessons) can be found here.

We understand that it can be hard to know where to start when researching private schools in Dorset. We also know that finding the right school is key to the success of any student, which is why we’re here to answer any questions you might have. To get started, you can book a virtual open morning, find out more about admissions, or enquire today for further information.


Hanford School art festival weaving

A happy, well-rounded private school experience for girls in Dorset

At Hanford, the happiness and wellbeing of our students are our top priority. By delivering an outstanding curriculum, providing an exciting selection of activities, and teaching the importance of good manners and social skills, we aim to shape each of our students into confident, well-rounded individuals.

In the past five years, 50 scholarships and awards have been given to our girls. This is a shining testament to our academic standards and approach to education.

A rich and varied selection of extracurricular activities will only serve to complement and enhance a good education. That’s why we offer a wide range of stimulating activities and after-school clubs. Children have the opportunity to try their hand at everything from archery, cookery and coding to pottery, croquet and gardening. In their free time, the girls are encouraged to write letters to family, play, relax and develop their imagination.

A balanced curriculum that prepares students for success

Our academic curriculum equips girls with everything they need to succeed in the world. As well as creative subjects, modern languages and humanities, we place a great deal of importance on ICT and STEM subjects, including science and maths. By offering our students an enjoyable mix of sporting activities that includes cross country, hockey and netball, we aim to encourage a lifelong love of sport.

We are very proud to also offer what’s known as a character curriculum. This is designed to give the girls the tools they need to build up their intellectual and emotional character. We believe our work encourages the development of specific personality traits, by presenting fun ways to explore attributes such as creativity, resilience and confidence.

To find out more about one of Dorset’s finest private schools, please feel free to browse Hanford’s academic and extracurricular activities or get in touch with us to discuss potential boarding or day school admissions.