Remembrance Service at Hanford

Nov 14

When you go home, tell them of us and say,
“For your tomorrow, we gave our today.” 
A beautiful and poignant Remembrance Service was held at Hanford on Sunday 13th November.  As ever we were joined by parents and visitors, including Nurse Jane’s son Ed who had recently graduated from Sandhurst and led the two-minute silence.   
Mr J re-told the story of the unknown soldier and the choir sang a beautiful anthem ‘God in Mine Eternity’ by Alan Bullard; the folk group led by Mrs Debbie Cassell finished the service with ‘We’ll Meet Again’.
Hanford School-Remembrance Service at Hanford 1
The Chapel was resplendent with poppies, all of which had made by pupils in Handwork.
A cheque for £535.07 was sent on behalf of the Hanford community to the Poppy Appeal.   Pat Soward, Child Okeford Poppy Appeal Organiser, contacted Hanford to express their gratitude.   Pat said,  “All we can say is a hearty ‘Bravo’! Our grand total for Hanford and Child Okeford this year is £3,250.20 which is well above our previous, pre-Covid, best total.   We really are most impressed! Many thanks.”
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