Storytelling Workshops with Emily Hennessey

Mar 03

On Monday 27th February, Hanford welcomed acclaimed storytelling artist Emily Hennessey who came to give a series of workshops on the oral tradition of storytelling to the girls.  Emily was part of Hanford’s first ever Festival, our Literary Festival in 2017, and her workshop was such a success we invited her to return.
Emily lives in Cumbria and performs all over the world; from Hanford she was going on to a storytelling session at the British Museum and then is off to Belgium.
Emily’s workshops were a huge success.   The girls were completely mesmerised and inspired by the way she told her stories.  We overheard one girl say,  “I love her! When my first book is published, I want her to do a reading of it.”
The photo below of the couple on the wolf was based on the Russian fairytale,
Tsarevich Ivan, the Firebird and the Gray Wolf, which Emily told to the Vth form.
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