Summer Term 2022 Calendar

Date Event
20-Apr 1200 Term Begins
1400 New Girls Arrive
23-Apr 1400 UVIth Superleague Netball, Bath
1800 Popcorn and PJ’s Film Night
24-Apr 1030 Chapel
1430 Hanford Hulaballoo
27-Apr 1400 Vth and LVIth Drama Workshops
28-Apr 1300 UVIth trip to ‘Private Peaceful’ in Salisbury
29-Apr 1000 Book Fair
1300 First Exeat
1400 Coach Departs
2-May 1900 First Exeat Ends
3-May 1000 Prep Schools Orchestral Day at Bryanston
4-May 1415 U13A&B Rounders v Port Regis (H)
1415 U12A&B Rounders v Port Regis (H)
1415 U11A&B Rounders v Port Regis (A)
1415 U10A&B Rounders v Port Regis (A)
7-May 1415 U12& U13 Cricket v Knighton (H)
1415 U11& U10 Cricket v Knighton (A)
1800 School BBQ
8-May 1030 Chapel
1115 Practice Walk for Clarendon Way
9-May UVIth Maths (Mental) Exam
10-May UVIth French Listening Exam
1730 LVIth and UVIth ‘Be Yourself’ talk by Dr Ruth Sullivan
11-May U13A Cricket v Sherborne Girls & Perott Hill (A)
12-May 1330 LVIth and UVIth ND Athletics Championships at Yeovil
14-May 0930 Creative Workshop
Tennis v Sherborne Girls (A)
1800 School BBQ
15-May 1030 Chapel
1100 Parents Gardening Day
Triathlon qualifiers at Leweston
17-May 1330 Juniors to ‘Explore the Orchestra’ BSO performance at the Lighthouse
18-May U13 Cricket v Clayesmore (A)
U12 Cricket v Sherborne (A)
20-May 1900 UVIth Reeling at Sandroyd
21-May 1800 School BBQ
22-May 1030 Chapel
Archery Day
25-May 1500 U13, U12, U11 and U10 Swimming v Knighton (A)
28-May 0915 Junior Play
1100 Tetrathlon/ New Girls Day
1600 Half Term Begins (No coach service to London)
6-Jun 1030 All Girls Return for Chapel (No coach return to school)
7-Jun Common Entrance starts
8-Jun 1430 U13& U12 Rounders v Talbot Heath (H)
9-Jun 1330 ND Swimming at Sherborne Girls
10-Jun Common Entrance ends
1300 U11 &U10 Swimming Gala, Leweston
11-Jun U11 Junior Wessex Athletics at Walhampton School
Dorset County Athletics Championships at Kings Park
1800 School BBQ
12-Jun LVIth Clarendon Way Walk
13-Jun Whole School Exams/Assessments
UVIth Camping Trip begins
14-Jun 1500 U8/9&U10 Pairs/Diamond Cricket v Clayesmore (H)
15-Jun All Day Wessex Athletics at Kings Park
16-Jun UVIth Camping Trip returns
17-Jun 1300 Second Exeat Begins
1400 Coach departs
18-Jun South West Athletics Champs, Exeter
19-Jun National Schools Biathle, Leweston
1900 Boarders Return
20-Jun 1430 UVIth trip to the Chalke Valley History Festival
1530 LVIth and UVIth North Dorset Tennis at Leweston
21-Jun UVIth Drugs and Alcohol Talk
22-Jun 1415 U13A&B Pairs Cricket v Clayesmore (A)
1415 U12A&B Pairs Cricket v Clayesmore (H)
1415 U11A&B Pairs Cricket v Clayesmore (A)
1415 U10 Pairs Cricket v Clayesmore (H)
24-Jun 1730 ABRSM Concert
Benefactors’ Dinner
25-Jun 1000 Hanford 75th Birthday Garden Party
1400 Interhouse Cricket/Rounders
1800 School BBQ
26-Jun 1400 NGS Open Gardens
1830 Evensong
27-Jun ABRSM Exams
28-Jun UVIth Tea for Staff
1730 UVIth ‘A Career in Science’ Talk by Alice Pearson
30-Jun UVIth Roman Feast
1-Jul 1830 UVIth Standing Tall Workshop
2-Jul 1800 School BBQ
3-Jul 1030 Chapel
1115 Mothers’ and Daughters’ Tennis
7-Jul 1100 Parents’ Day
1700 Term Ends