Susie Whitcome Talk

May 04

As part of our year of Adventure and Exploration we invited the artist Susie Whitcombe to talk about where and what inspires her work.

Susie is a founding member of the Society of Equestrian artists, is best known for her paintings and drawings of horses and ponies.  Initially self-taught, she drew inspiration from her mother, who was both an excellent draughtsman and stockman; it was from her that Susie learnt to look at animals objectively. She went on to train under John Walton at the Heatherley School of Fine Art in London and developed an appreciation for the work of Wilfred de Glehn, Joseph Crawhall and Tom Coates.

Susie is also a qualified pilot which enables her to fly to destinations all over the UK, where she can make preliminary sketches that she later works up in her studio into paintings. She also travels to remote parts of the world shared with the girls some beautiful pictures of horses from Australia and Jordan.

Hanford School-Susie Whitcome Talk Hanford School-Susie Whitcome Talk 1 Hanford School-Susie Whitcome Talk 2 Hanford School-Susie Whitcome Talk 3

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